Our Work

A collection of images containing blinds, cushions, curtains, covers and other bespoke furnishings. 

Roman blinds with sail

These windows are so cute. Each window has a set of three blinds with a triangle top. The top has ties so the blind can be rolled up to let in the light. The animal print is a prestigious material from the charter house book. It comes in a variety of colours and is called Longleat Chambray. This window has two small blinds each side in the Munro Chambray. The leaf and butterfly window is all made in the same fabric and from the same fabric book. This design also comes in a variety of colours, and this one is called Botany Chambray. I have loved making these and I hope you like them as well .

Bordered Blinds

I really enjoyed making these blinds.
Most blinds have boarders added on to one - three sides, but this customer required them on all four sides. By adding the boarders in a contrasting colour it made the blinds really stand out against the wooden surround. 


Roman blinds can be made for most windows. Blinds can be made from a variety of fabrics, from pretty but plain fabric, to highly patterned fabric. 

This blind is an average sized pattern , its colourful and modern.